What is abstract about?

What is abstract about?

Writing an abstract is the initial stage of preparation for writing more complex and meaningful works, such as course, diploma and others. Therefore, before each student or student, sooner or later the question arises – how to write an abstract.

The main classification of abstracts distinguishes the following kinds:

1) A report on a special topic;

2) Explanation and analyzing books.

Types of abstracts:

1) informative (abstracts-abstracts) – contain in a generalized form all the main provisions of the primary document, illustrating the material, the most important argumentation, information about the research methodology, etc.;

2) indicative (indexes, or abstracts-summaries) – do not contain all, but only those main provisions that are closely related to the topic of the referenced document; all the secondary goes down.

An abstract of any kind consists of two parts:

1) a bibliographic description that gives the initial information about the primary document. As a rule, the title of the document, contained in the bibliographic description, serves as the title of the abstract;

2) the text of the abstract, which includes the most significant, problematic information of the source document.  

From a huge amount of information you need to be able to choose the main thing and at the same time keep within the allowed volume of the abstract, which should not exceed 18-23 pages of printed text. Therefore, it is very important to draw up a preliminary work plan and follow it clearly, without deviating from the topic. This will help to consistently and logically state the essence of the topic under study.

Another classification

Productive abstracts are abstracts that reproduce the comprehension of the source, taking into account criticism and creative approach. Reproductive abstracts can only reproduce the content of the source without adding anything new. If you develop a classification, you can divide each group of abstracts into two groups, depending on the method of creation and content.

It’s not so important to know all features of each kind. Just to know rules and how abstract should look like. Don’t afraid about how to write abstract, you already have all information that you need to write a good abstract. When writing an abstract, clearly follow all the requirements for its design. This will help you avoid mistakes not only at the moment but also in the future when writing course papers or graduation papers